Pungluang Campground has a lot of exciting and adventurous activities in which you can be interested. Either you come with your family or friends, young or not, there’s always a place there where you can enjoy yourself. Most importantly, security guards will always be there for your safe..

You’ll see the biggest ATV track field in Thailand. For adventure lovers, “Tree Top Action” is the place to go, climbing, crossing a swamp, etc. For gun lovers, we offer you “Paint Ball” and  “BB Gun”. The battle will take place in paint ball field and BB Gun is for accurate and fast gunners. And most importantly, the extreme sport “Rafting” in “KaengHinPueng”, the most famous cataract located in Prachin Buri, which you cannot miss!

And also, riding bicycles, playing football, volleyball, basketball, badminton in a big green field. We’re sure that adults, children and pets will love to be here!



Enjoy and have fun with gigantic tides in the middle
of the tumultuous current of Kaeng Hin Phoeng, Khao Yai National Park 9, most suitably for adventure-lovers.
(water level of 3 to 5)


Specially please obstacle-racers with ATVs, driving through challenging routes with greenish and verdurous environments of over 200 Rai, joyfully experiencing the wonder of nature around the resort.

Tree Top Actions

Test your body and mind power with the exciting activity, Tree Top Actions, going through 8 bases, especially for “soaring” and “rope-walking” of 130 meters long.


Let’s have fun battling with close friends by
“Paint Ball” in a cool and pleasant forest field, just like a real battlefield!

Cliff Climbing

Enhance your arms and legs’ strength by climbing on the cliff model of 7 meters high, specially please climbers.

Bowtrap Archery

This is not a normal archery game, but here, you have to aim for the flying target!