Located in Prachinburi, “Pungluang Campground” is obviously the land of beauty, adventure and friendship. With a lot of challenging activities you can find here, such as driving ATV, rafting, tree top actions, BB Gun, Paint Ball, etc., you will experience the extreme excitement all day long. The landscape is not plain and average, not as flat as you are thinking!

This place has the 7th freshest air in the world, so we guarantee the purity of every breath you take. The area is well-decorated and tranquil so that you can spend time relaxing alone or with your friends and family without the noise of crowds which is normal in cities.

Almost 200 acres, this area is highlighted at its enormous green, fresh field which many extra activities take place ; volleyball , basketball, hand ball, rugby, football, flying kites, badminton, etc. Everywhere you look is trees, flowers, grass and all leafy things.

Non-polluted vehicle, like bicycle, is also famous to be ridden around the big, green field. Early mornings and evenings are great moments to walk or exercise around the area for rejuvenating your health and mind. We ensure the taste and the cleanness of every meal (buffets) we serve. And also, you would not express disappointment to the accommodations and facilities that we provide for you.

We are sure that this is the place you are looking for if you want to travel in Thailand.

We would be glad to welcome you with smile!